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“it may perhaps be allowable to introduce a methodological nomenclature, applicable to the various forms of suspended water.... (Luke Howard 1803)


“Wildly absorbing, Murmur is a gorgeous genre-bender: detective novel, film noir and memoir... ”
--Rikki Ducornet


Subject is a richly textured treat for ear, eye, and mind; it’s a work that I never felt I got to the bottom of: like the sea, the poems kept shifting and changing with each view.”
--Charles Bernstein

The Tales of Horror

"A brilliant, utterly original, fully realized work that wickedly out-tropes horror's cliches and devices.... wonderfully immediate, making an exaggerated, rollicking introduction to many of the pre-occupations, rhetorics and methods of experimental poetry."
--Publishers Weekly, August 1999

The Surface

National Poetry Series selection

After I Was Dead

“It may be possible to recover language in the space of poetry. Laura Mullen’s second book of poems, After I Was Dead—bound to the mad and irreconcilable desire for honesty—strives for this recovery while relentlessly questioning its own motives at every turn.”—Rain Taxi